Intricate Rituals

About the show

Intricate Rituals is a monologue about queer longing, catholic guilt, bugs and necromancy. Siken is your average gay university student – witty, questionably dressed, hopelessly in love with their straight best friend. They don’t talk about that last bit. But when callous, senseless tragedy unexpectedly strikes their life, as callous, senseless tragedy has a tendency to do, Siken is forced to confront themself as grief turns them down a darker and increasingly unnatural path.
Written and directed by Seth Douglas, a recent English Literature graduate from the University of York, Intricate Rituals first premiered as an online show with the University Drama Society, and is now making it’s in-person debut at the Edinburgh Fringe, with a six show run alternating between a dual cast. This is Seth’s second play, following his similarly death-obsessed first show Rigor Mort-ish, which also debuted via DramaSoc. 

Content Warnings

This performance mentions the following topics:

  • Death/Dying
  • Homophobia
  • Animal Death
  • Blood

Please email if you have any questions, or talk to our team outside the venue!

About the Writer

Seth is a recent English Literature graduate, though he spent most of his degree being mistaken for a Theatre student. Along with acting and taking on a variety of production roles, he has written and directed two of his own plays with DramaSoc. Both plays were about death, which he hopes doesn’t reflect badly on his mental state.

Seth Douglas, Writer & Director

About the Team


Luke McDonald, Siken

Luke is a first-year theatre student and is delighted to be part of DramaSoc’s fringe shows. This is Luke’s second time performing in a production of Intricate Rituals.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic Luke’s first performance was completely online. But now he’s looking forward to performing this brilliant show in person. Hurray!

Izzy is a 21 year old from Middlesbrough, and is a recent graduate with a degree in Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance.

As well as acting, Izzy has also recently costume designed, written, co-directed and photographed for various theatre productions.

You can often find her learning very long monologues and eating halloumi (always at the same time).

Izzy Baxter, Siken

Production Team

Izzy Stevens (Stevie), Producer

Stevie is currently going into their Third Year of their Theatre degree. After having the opportunity to Produce various Weekend shows with the Drama Society, they are delighted to have the opportunity to Produce a show that will be showcased at the Fringe Festival.

Fun Fact: They love to bake! 

Lorn, Executive Producer

Lorn is a Producer from the North West with an interest in devised and immersive community theatre projects. Lorn was also an Executive Producer for Dramasoc’s two online productions earlier this year at online @ theSpaceUK’s second season. As the External Vice Chair of York DramaSoc, Lorn is responsible for the management of our off-campus events and projects so is delighted to finally be taking three in person shows to the Edinburgh Fringe after the cancellation last year! 

Lydia Coomes, Tech Designer

Lydia is a music student and first-study clarinettist at the University of York. Throughout her time at university, she has been in the tech team for a variety of productions including The Glass Menagerie, Little Light, Chicago, Dogfight, and events such as Love York Awards and Colours Ball.

In addition to this, she is part of the team that records the professional concerts held in the music department and is the concert day manager for Chimera.

Emma Prestedge, P&P

INTRICATE RITUALS will be Emma’s first time marketing a show for the Edinburgh Fringe, venturing out from managing press and publicity for university shows including Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ by Oscar Wilde and ‘Punk Rock’ by Simon Stephens. She is also a member of the National Youth Theatre. Her previous acting credits include performing in Never Forget at the Savoy Theatre in the West End.

Joe Richardson, Costume Designer

Joe is the costume designer for the Summer 2021 Fringe production of Intricate Rituals. He’s excited to see how the different elements of the production work together on stage, and says that this production has challenged him to look at costume from some unique perspectives.

Connie Hopkins, Set Designer

Connie is an aspiring set designer who has just finished her degree in Theatre at the University of York. She has been designing shows for Zoom over the pandemic, and was fortunate to finish her degree by designing set for an in-person adaptation of The Odyssey. She is delighted to now be working on Intricate Rituals and looks forward to its Fringe debut.